Updated on: May 21, 2017

The great thing about everything today is…that you have so many options for everything. It’s the case with the diapers just as well, and more and more parents today decide to go with the cloth diapers, especially for their newborn.

First step is to buy newborn cloth diapers and many parents out there consider the one-size diapers to misfit their newborn. It’s the same with the small sized diapers, but parents need to do some research before they go shopping.

Why get cloth diapers for your newborn?

Parents who have been through this experience before, know that a snug fit it’s what matters the most for your newborn’s comfort. A diaper that is snug around the back and across the back is the best choice for any newborn.

As most newborns have skinny legs, it’s quite a challenge to get a good fit with one-size diapers but also with even sized diapers during the first weeks. You can stick with a one-size diaper, but you need to be aware of the risk of it not containing every mess. If the fit is not snug, few leaks may appear no matter what.

Your newborn needs to be changed every two hours so you need more cloth diapers in the first weeks. You may end up in the first month with as many as 20 cloth diapers if you want to clean every day. You can get even to 24 diapers…unless you want to do some laundry daily!

Some choose to use two sets of cloth diapers: one for the newborn stage and a second setoff sized or one-size diapers for later stages. Your baby tends, as he should, gain in weight from 6 to 12 pounds and it’s only natural that you need to go up a size after the first months.

A great cost-efficient option is to get a set of infant size pre-folds and 6 to 8 wraps or wool covers. Once your baby gets over the infant size, you might want to go with the pocket diapers and use the pre-folds as inserts or even burp cloths.

The other options

Some new parents don’t have the time or the energy of always changing and cleaning the cloth diapers in the first month, so they go with the disposable diapers in the beginning. When the baby gets “older”, they make the transition to the cloth diapers and that’s ok also.

But, there are some tricks to follow if you still want to use the cloth diapers right from the very beginning and feel like overwhelmed with the budget and the energy you need to put it.

For instance, you can get some help from a diaper service in the first month. This type of service picks up the dirty diapers each week and uses professional laundering. When you sit down and check the numbers, you see that this kind of service is as expensive as using disposable diapers.

You can also try infant diaper rentals as you can find cloth stores that offer rental packages for infant cloth diapers.

And, if none of the above fits your liking, you can also buy second hand cloth diapers (or resell yours when your baby has grown).

Relax, you’re not alone in this!

You’re not the first parent to ask if you can use the cloth diaper in the hospital. This depends on the hospital and there are many out there that actually encourage you to do it and provide the cloth diapers while at the hospital. Bring along any case and ask if you’re allowed to use it, though.

Keep in mind that no matter how small the cloth diaper looks, it still might look huge on your tiny human! And, if you get one-size diapers, your baby will definitely look the smallest baby ever in them!

Cloth diapers are a soft and eco-friendly solution for your newborn and you only need to pay some time and attention before taking this step.



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