It is never easy to leave children at home with strangers. Unfortunately, it is sometimes unavoidable for parents to depend on nannies or babysitters to watch over their children when they need to work or to attend an important event. The good news is that with the advent of security cameras, nanny cameras became readily available, making parents feel a little more at ease by being able to check up on their children while they are away from home. It is also a good way to assess if a nanny is a good fit for a child, and may be a basis for parents to ultimately trust that nanny.

Features to Look for in a Nanny Camera

The most important feature that should be considered when shopping around for a nanny camera is the resolution. Children may not always stay near the camera, so a high resolution will make it possible to clearly make out details and see exactly what is going on.

Next, the viewing angle of the camera should match the size of the room because it is not very effective to place a nanny camera with a limited viewing angle in a fairly large room. On the other hand, having a limited viewing angle is forgivable in a smaller room.

Power source is another consideration to keep in mind when looking for a nanny camera meant for extended recording. Most small cameras are not capable of recording long clips, so one with an AC option might be a good option. Battery-powered cameras may be used if the expected recording time is relatively short.

Audio feature is something that should also be decided on beforehand. Some parents prefer to have nanny cameras that offer the option to allow two-way communication, while others are perfectly fine with just one-way, or even none at all.

Nanny cameras are basically useless without a storage feature. There must be an option to save clips either on a PC, DVR, SD card, or in the cloud. A PC and DVR offer the biggest storage, while SD cards have quite a limited space. The capability of a camera to save to a cloud storage is a nice feature since files are relatively safe. Many parents also prefer a nanny camera that lets them instantly view their children live from their homes. However, special caution must be taken because some nanny cameras are easy to hack and are vulnerable to being viewed by strangers.

Lastly, size matters especially when discretion is preferred. Some parents want the camera to be hidden from view, so a small one would be appropriate for that purpose. As a word of caution, it may be illegal in some places to secretly record a video with audio.

Listed below are some of the best nanny cameras that are currently sold in the market.

Best Affordable Nanny Camera – Conbrov Mini Spy Cam T16

Conbrov’s patented black LED technology makes it possible for this tiny nanny camera to record even in total darkness without giving away its presence with a telltale visible light. It is very easy to conceal, measuring only an inch in all dimensions.


Videos and photos are recorded in HD at 30 frames per second, and can record in the dark with a range of about 15 ft. It is possible to record and charge at the same time, eliminating the problem of the camera running out of battery life.

Conbrov Mini Spy Cam T16

Image Source

Conbrov Miny Spy Cam T16 includes an option to automatically start recording as soon as it hears a sound greater than 60dB. Manual recording may also be chosen, with the length of video lasting about 5 minutes, as opposed to the manual recording’s 4 minutes. Videos may be saved in microSD cards with a maximum 32GB capacity.

As soon as the card is full, Conbrov automatically overwrites the oldest file.

– sound-activated recording
– can record in total darkness
– can stay plugged

– maximum 5 mins recording time
– battery lasts only an hour
– does not support Mac


Best Mid-Range Nanny Camera – Blink Home Security

The Blink Home Security camera is wireless and even comes with free two-hour cloud storage for recorded videos. Its motion detection feature can send about 5-10 seconds of recording whenever it is triggered, and will send this to the cloud and to a connected smartphone. However, video cannot be recorded on demand. The cameras can be accessed through an iOS and Android app.


The Blink Home device measures 2.7 x 2.7 x 1.0 inches and can be placed almost anywhere inside the home. It is not advisable to place it outdoors since it is not waterproof.

Blink Home Security

Other notable features of this camera are night vision capability, 3x digital zoom, 720p resolution, and a microphone.

– free cloud storage
– wireless
– easy to install

– no on-demand recording
– no two-way radio
– no IFTTT support


Best High-End Nanny Camera – Arlo Smart Home

In addition to being a wireless camera, the Arlo Smart Home can be placed indoor or outdoor making it possible to monitor children even when they are outside. It also has night vision and motion detection capabilities, and recorded videos are clear and sharp.

The Arlo Smart home may be installed (and reinstalled) just about anywhere and removed thanks to its magnetic mounts.

Arlo Smart Home

Although the camera doesn’t have the option to be plugged into a power outlet, it is very flexible in terms of placement.

According to Netgear, Arlo Smart Home’s battery life is about four to six months, justifying its battery-only feature.

– weatherproof
– HD resolution even in the dark
– easy to install

– no audio
– battery life depends on camera settings
– expensive batteries


Best Alarm Clock Nanny Camera – AES Spy Camera

What’s great about the AES Spy Camera is that it’s an actual alarm clock and a hidden camera in one. It is very covert and even records in 720P resolution at 30 frames per second. Included with every purchase is a 16GB microSD card, and may be replaced with up to 32GB card if needed.


The AES Spy Camera allows motion detect recording, and is compatible with both Windows and Mac. Setup is not even required because it is a plug-n-play device.

– functions as a real alarm clock
– no setup needed
– clear and detailed videos

– false triggers easily
– time resets when card is taken out
– no audio


Best Smoke Detector Nanny Camera – Camclub WiFi Spycam Smoke Detector

One of the most surreptitious type of nanny cams out in the market is perhaps the smoke detector. The Camclub Spycam Smoke Detector looks like any other smoke detector on the outside, but is actually an HD camera on the inside.


The camera is wireless and comes with a free 8GB microSD card, although it possible to replace it with another card up to a maximum of 64GB storage.

Camclub WiFi Spycam Smoke Detector

Access may be done through a free smartphone app, and is compatible with both iOS and Android OS. Push notifications and emails are sent via the smartphone app.

– highly inconspicuous
– motion sensor capability
– push notification

– camera has only a 90-degree field of view
– battery life is quite short
– sometimes hard to connect smartphone to the camera


Best Discreet Nanny Camera – Conbrov T10 HD Photo Frame

Conbrov smartly released a nanny camera hidden in a very inconspicuous photo frame.


There aren’t any traces of light or sound that gives the hidden camera away. The video quality is great, and so is the audio’s. Even recording in the dark produces clear video clips.

Conbrov T10 HD Photo Frame

Image Source

The Convron T10 runs on a rechargeable lithium battery, and video may be saved on a microSD card.

– night vision capability
– motion detection capability
– up to 25ft range

– no free SD card
– night vision mode gets stuck sometimes
– setup may be a challenge


Best Exposed Nanny Camera – Nest Dropcam Pro

Exposed nanny cameras do have their advantages over hidden ones. The Nest Dropcam Pro is not meant to be hidden, and provides the advantage of communicating with the nanny anytime via WiFi video monitoring. It uses a cloud-based service that can be controlled and accessed via smartphones and web apps.


Dropcam is capable of recording in HD resolution, and has night vision.

Nest Dropcam Pro

Using Dropcam’s cloud storage, up to 30 days of video footage may be recorded, and two-way audio is allowed. Motion and audio detection modes are also included.

– two-way audio
– wide-angle lens
– great video quality

– zoomed image is blurry
– videos can be saved only in the cloud
– cloud service may be expensive


Smallest Nanny Camera – Corprit Mini Hidden Spy Camera

This small but mighty Corprit Mini hidden camera may be hidden in just about any furniture or fixture in the house.


It records video in HD resolution, and gives great images even at night. There is also a built-in microphone that could record audio clearly.

Corprit Mini Hidden Spy Camera

All in all, this is a great option for those who want a free reign on where to place a hidden camera.

– affordable
– good quality video even at night
– very small

– knowledge needed on how to install wiring
– no power supply
– no mounting hardware

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