Kids’ Trailers have become a hit with parents for providing a safe and convenient way to bring children along during fitness activities and during rides around town. A bike trailer hitches to a bike, and children can sit in it to accompany their parent during a biking trip.

There are a number of benefits to using kid’s bike trailers,ß like spending quality time with kids, helping with keeping fit, and getting children out of the house to experience some fresh air. With a bike trailer, parents can establish an exercise routine on the bike while pulling an extra weight. This will help enhance endurance and provide a good exercise for the legs. Getting to bike with children offers a great alternative to just staying at home when spending quality time together. Besides, the fresh air and outdoor adventure are good for children’s health and well-being.

How to Choose the Right Kids’ Trailer

Choosing a kid’s trailer that would be a great fit will depend on the intended use for the trailer, the number of children, the frequency of use, the budget, and on other extra features. Different types of terrain—and weather—will require different kinds of bike trailers, especially because trailers are equipped with different features that can best provide safety and comfort depending on the terrain. Durability plays a big part when kids’ trailers are regularly taken out, particularly on rugged terrains. Some trailers are good enough for drives around the block, but are not advisable for regular outdoor trips. Kids’ trailers also vary in size, allowing for either one or two kids. A budget should be set when choosing a kid’s trailer, since a more expensive one will almost always come with more features and be more comfortable.

Kids’ trailers have different types depending on their purpose. There are those that offer a trailer-only use, a trailer plus jogger or stroller capability, and a multisport capability. Some kids’ trailers are called trailer cycles, and they are basically one-wheeled extensions attached to a bike, and are ideal for older kids who cannot ride a bike on their own yet.

Whatever the type of trailer is chosen, safety should always come first, followed by comfort for the both the children and the parents.

The following are the best kids’ trailers under various product categories.

Best Kids’ Trailer Overall – Burley D’Lite

The Burley D’Lite is currently the best trailer for kids today because of its unparalleled safety features, and comfortable ride for kids. The trailer has UV-repellant windows, ample ventilation, comprehensive roll cage, and cushioned five-point harness. The Burley’s hitch mechanism is makes it trouble-free to connect the trailer to the bike while offering a secure and cozy ride. Spacious storage pockets are also provided to accommodate children’s things. The Burley is also versatile as it can also accommodate cargo and pets, with seats that can be folded flat. Additionally, the Burley offers kits that make the trailer suitable for jogging, strolling, and even cross country skiing.

– sturdy
– comfortable ride
– versatile

– pin system attachment to bike may be challenging
– moving handlebar makes it hard to maneuver up a curve
– ride may be uncomfortable with kid’s helmet on


Best Value for Money Kids’ Trailer – Burley Bee

The Burley Bee is a robust bike trailer equipped with a large area for cargos, and a design that allows the unit to be folded flat. It is worth noting that it was certified for safety by the American Society for Testing and Materials. The internal of the Burley Bee is made with an aluminum roll cage that provides superb protection for passengers. A water-resistant fabric and UV protected windows give extra comfort and safety to little ones who will ride the bike trailer.


Assembly of the Burly Bee is straightforward, with the internal cage bars just needing to be pulled together and latching them afterwards. Wheel removal is also simple using a push button axle type wheels.

– durable
– affordable
– lightweight

– no suspension
– seat is not padded
– cannot be converted to a stroller


Best Kids’ Multisport Trailer – Thule Chariot Cross

The Thule Chariot Cross is built to be a reliable companion for active families and their fitness habits. It is highly durable and is fitted with an adjustable suspension system that proves to be handy during trips across uneven grounds. To add more to the comfort level of the Chariot Cross, seats are padded and can be reclined individually.

Harnesses are also padded to provide comfort and extra security at the same time. The Chariot Cross will have no problem handling various terrains and weather conditions, perfect for athletic parents who want to bring their children along through trails during different weather conditions.

– waterproof and suitable for all seasons
– good resale value
– good for multiple-sport use

– expensive
– sunshade and rain cover are not attached onto the door
– heavy


Best Kids’ Trailer + Stroller – Thule Coaster XT Bike Trailer + Stroller

The Thule Coaster XT Bike Trailer + Stroller easily attaches to bikes and can fit two children comfortably. A rain cover, a bug screen, and a 2-in-1 weather cover also comes with the trailer, helping to ensure that kids will stay protected from bugs and weather elements.


The Thule Coaster XT can be easily converted to a stroller by simply removing a clip and a strap, then sliding the ball out of a socket. As a trailer, the Thule Coaster can fit children 1 year and older, but as a stroller, it can fit infants 1 month and older. This Thule bike trailer is made from aluminum which is very lightweight but sturdy. Handlebars can be adjusted to different sizes. When it’s time to pack away, the bike trailer can be collapsed to fit small spaces by removing the handles and front wheels.

– smooth ride
– easy to set up and convert to a stroller
– lightweight

– side panels do not open
– shades have no SPF protection
– no shock absorbers


Best Jogger Kids’ Trailer – Allen Sports Child Jogger

The Allen Sports Child Jogger is a bike trailer that readily converts into a jogger. A weather and insect shield, together with shock-absorbing wheels, provides a comfortable ride for the passengers. Assembly is simple with the instruction manual that is provided.


Pins with built-in lock are painless to use. In jogger mode, wrist straps are provided to prevent the bike from rolling way. Parking brakes are basically straps that are used to clip through the back wheels. In bike trailer mode, the wheels are held back by a coupling that is placed under the nut.

– extremely easy to set up
– adjustable handle bar
– easy to push

– not much seat padding
– no suspension
– seat doesn’t recline


Best Affordable Kids’ Trailer – InStep Take 2 Double

The InStep Take 2 Double bike trailer is fitted with a robust steel frame and hull that makes every ride smooth, even on uneven ground. Adaptable 16-inch pneumatic rubber wheels provide a good grip on various surfaces, and are even detachable.


The bike trailer offers trouble-free set up and dismount. Children will be comfortable and protected with the double canopy that acts as a cover against weather elements and troublesome insects. A stroller kit also makes it possible to convert the bike trailer into a kid’s stroller. Folding and assembly of the Instep Take 2 requires little effort, and the wheels can easily be removed with a push release lever. The frame folds with the sides going inward, and once folded can easily be stored almost anywhere because of its compact structure.

– solid build
– compact when folded
– 5-point harness

– big wheels
– weather protection is not so great
– ideal for short trips only


Best High-End Kids’ Trailer –

Thule Cougar Two-Child Carrier

Thule Cougar Two-Child Carrier may be pricier than most bike trailers, but it is certainly justified by this bike trailer’s quality.


Setting up the trailer is simple and straightforward. The system can be seamlessly changed to another in no time at all. Pieces that are not needed can be stored on the cabin. Changing from bike trailer to stroller and vice versa is effortless and efficient. Rides are also smooth and the harnesses and high-quality and comfortable.

– extremely easy setup
– on-board storage for accessories
– versatile

– heavy
– a bit of play at hitch
– children are hard to see


Best Kids’ Trailer Cycle – Weehoo Kids Turbo Bicycle Trailer

When children already outgrown their bike trailer, they could start riding with their parents using a trailer cycle. The Weehoo Kids Turbo Bicycle Trailer prioritizes children’s safety while providing fun for kids and parents alike. This trailer cycle features a recumbent seat that lets kids sit back and relax without having to worry about balancing.


Kids will feel carefree and will be able to fully enjoy observing the surroundings. Storage is no problem with the Weeho trailer cycle as there are saddle bags and multip storage pockets provided. When compared with a standard kids’ trailer, the Weehoo Turbo Bicycle Trailer does not become stuck on rocks or low branches, and remain upright despite uneven terrains due to having only one wheel

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