Updated on: May 20, 2017

Setting up your baby’s nursery is both fun and challenging, especially if it’s your first newborn. There are so many nice things to buy for a baby but you get lost and don’t really know which one is helpful and which one is purely decorative, with no functional purpose.

You just need to scroll down a bit and take a look on our notes as it’s very possible that you find out at least one or two things that you were completely unaware of until now.

The main furniture pieces

The most important furniture for your baby is, by far, the baby crib. You can get it before the newborn arrives at home and it’s very likely that your baby is going to use until he/she is 2 or so.

Your baby’s crib should be sturdy and rugged. If you’re short on space, you can find models that feature extra storage space with built-in drawers for baby bedding or supplies.

There are many options when it comes to baby cribs and you can also get a travel crib or a mini-crib.

No matter your choosing, the baby crib need to comply with several safety standards, but it’s not the case of vintage or heritage cribs. Avoid the drop-side cribs as the child may be wedged between the side and the mattress and suffocate or strangle.

In order to avoid SIDS (sudden infant deaths syndrome), stay also away from the crib bumper.

Now that you got the baby crib, you also need a good crib mattress. Even though this is not a furniture, item, it’s better to remind of it as you must not forget about it. It has to be comfortable, sturdy and firm. It also has to fit snugly in the crib, with no space between the side of the mattress and the crib frame.

Your baby’s furniture might include also bassinets and cradles as nice, comfortable sleeping places for your newborn. The main difference from the crib, is that the baby feels more snug in them and you can move it around the house, where you need it.

Nowadays, you can find bassinets on wheels, vibrating cradles, rocking bassinets and bassinets that also swivel from side to side. You should never use the bassinet once the baby gets to the weight limit mentioned from the manufacturer or he is able to sit up, push up on hands and knees.

The bassinet should also have a firm mattress and you should keep it away from any pets.

You can’t call a room a nursery until it has a changing table in it! Chances are you might change more than 2,400 diapers in the first year of your baby, so you really need a good, comfortable and safe changing table. Sometimes, a simple, waterproof pad or towel on a floor or bed might do just as well. You can use a play yard as some models come with a bassinet and a changing table just as well. Or, you can place a changing pad on top of a dresser.

But, a changing table is already design to keep your child safe and in place while changing him. No matter what you choose, always keep one hand on your baby when he/she is on an elevated surface.

Let’s not forget about the drawers and shelves. You can go with a new baby chest or do a makeover on an old dresser, especially for the baby’s room. If you get a new chest, try to find one that matches the room. Install safety latches when you get a chest of drawers for the safety of your child. Never leave sharp items on top of the dresser as the child might hurt himself.

The extras

The moment you decide to install a rocking chair in your baby’s room, the whole room changes and gets a certain, out of time feeling. The movement back-and-forth has always helped the babies soothe and fall asleep faster. A glider is a newer rocking chair and the smooth-as-silk gliding motion doesn’t need any effort at all.

The rocking chair may remain in the room until the baby is 5-6 years old as it’s so nice reading him in the rocking chair.

Keep in mind that sometimes, the rocking chair may come with a matching ottoman.

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